CNC Vertical Machining Centers:
                  (1) HAAS, OM-2A: 12 x 10 x 12
                  (2) HAAS, VF2SS: 30 x 20 x 18​
                  (1) HAAS, ST10: ​
                  (1) HAAS, DT1:​
                  (1) MATSUURA, MC-550 VX: 20 x 14 x 18
​                  (1) TOYODA, Stealth: 43 x 26 x 24

CNC Turning Centers:
                 (1) HARDINGE, GS42: 
                 (1) HAAS, ST10: 
                 (1) FEELER, FTC-100:
                 (1) OKUMA, Genos: L200E
                 (2) OKUMA, Genos: L300M​​​

(Manual) Proto-Type Department:
                (2) BRIDGEPORT, Mills
                (1) PROTO TRAK, Mill
                (1) PROTO TRAK, Lathe
                (1) WEBB, Engine Lathe, 16" x 40" ( Gap removed  25" diameter )
                (1) ACER, Supra:
                (1) SHARP, Eisen: Tool room lathe

WATERJET:   ​(1) OMAX, Maxiem: 30" x 30"

SAW:​​    (1) WELLS, W-9

Quality:  CMM Brown & Sharp: Fully Calibrated Metrology Department

ISO​​:   Currently in conformance to Mill Standard 45208 and
ISO 9001:2015

Industries Served

Medical Tools And Equipment

Optical Products

Photography Support Equipment

Scientific Instruments And Equipment

Semi-Conductor Equipment

Food Processing Equipment



Offering full-line production, CNC milling and turning, and just-in-time (J.I.T) performance services. Our focus is to deliver precision parts that meet specifications the first time. Teaming our skilled journeyman machinists with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce highly technical parts to a .00005 tolerance, as well as perform long - run jobs over 5000 parts.
Customer Partnerships

Galvin Precision's customers are considered partners in our business. Acting as a team, we meticulously monitor all phases of production while keeping our customers informed which promotes project accuracy at a managed cost. We willingly participate in corporate sponsored cost-cutting programs to help our customers meet demanding budget requirements.

Computer - assisted production and scheduling of projects helps us to insure Just - In - Time deliveries, lower material and labor costs and reduced job cycle times. Our guaranteed Quick Bid program ensures that our customers will receive a competitive quote within 3 working days of their request.
Supplemental CAD/CAM software

Mastercam X7 and GibbsCAM Files: IGES, DWG, DXF & SolidWorks files (Parasolid). Our technical knowledge and vast equipment and capabilities allow us to handle an array of projects from prototypes and unusual part tolerances to large run standard productions. We have secondary services such as welding, part assembly, powder coating and plating for ship to stock convenience. Whether a job requires 1 part or 10,000 parts, we assure consistent quality performance and on time delivery. We manufacture parts from stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastics and other machinable materials.

Outside Service

We have secondary services such as welding, part assembly, powder coating, anodize & plating, heat treating, chemical cleaning & packaging and labeling (barcode).